Study Abroad @ AK Conusltants,Madurai


Gowtham - Wintec

Hi Sir and AK Team,

It’s my immense pleasure to write this feedback letter of your valuable service given by you and your Team for my future. I came to know about your team from my neighbour and from the day I approached, you and your Team had taken special care for providing assistance to me. Your excellence in IELTS Training has made me to score good score. And there is no word to describe your service provided in getting my visa approval. And you continued your support here too in all aspects. My Humble request is please keep giving your service to the society and make more successful students. And we are eagerly waiting to help the upcoming students those who are going to come here.

Thank you

Mahendran - University of Waikato

Hi AKC Team,

Hope you are doing good, I am fine here. I love this new place, environment, culture and the people.
This is now possible because of your dedication towards my profile building and career development.
I must thank all the AKC team Members for their timely and valuable support.
This is my style of feedback towards your work and support favoringme, I choose this because this is more straight forward, very clear and detailed.Also, to be different from others.


Score (/10)

First Response (Welcoming, data acquisition)


Follow ups


Course and University Selection


Financial Support (Loan, Scholarship advice)


Career planning advice


Language Support


Travel Advice


Send Off


Accommodation & pickup 


Previous Students Contact


After University Joining help


Straight Forwardness & Clear Interaction


Reliability & Security


I am more thankful to every person in AKC team and surely waiting for an opportunity to serve them back.
Hope you would like them too, go ahead with clear mind, start your journey today. Success is yours. Waiting for more buds to be flowered from AKC.
Ping me when new students ask assistance for any help in Hamilton.
You helped me a lot to build a boat to sail the ocean, and now I learnt how to sail.

Mahendran Muthu Kumar

Adithya - AUT

Dear Mr.Arun,

I am more than happy to give AK Consultants a thumbs-up for your professional Overseas Education services. After securing a seat to Pursue Master of Construction Management at Auckland University of Technology, I was quite clueless as to how to proceed next – Visa Processing, Getting to know about lifestyle of people in New Zealand and how I should gear myself up for this great phase of my life. My dad stumbled upon you at the right moment from your newspaper ads. And reaching out to you was the best choice we made. You gave me the right advice at the right time to complete all the intermediate processes with ease, before starting from India. Everyone at AK Consultants is pleasant and ready to clarify even the silliest of doubts students have. While everybody thinks Overseas Education representatives would only operate from Metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai etc., it’s wonderful to have someone like Mr.AladiArun who has put his International Business Management degree from Waikato University, New Zealand to good use, catering to students of his own native city. In fact, we have started recommending you to our friends aspiring to study in foreign countries. I can’t believe I’m going to see the Jersey cows of New Zealand that my mom has always loved. I’m waiting for my Graduation day, when my family and friends could come over to New Zealand and have a blast!  

Love and warm Regards,

Venkatesh -EIT

Dear Team,

A huge salute to AK Consultants…….. 

I am so thankful to AKConsultants for taken me as one of your family member. Your so helpful from the beginning to until I get flight to NZ. Special thanks to Mr. Arun Aladi, you are always inspiring me and I liked the way you scolded me whenever I did mistakes as my brother. I feel that Mr.Arun Aladi has taken extra care on me everytime even in holidays on my visa process.In fact AK Consultants has fixed working hours and days, but it worked for me 24 hours and even in holidays every staffs replied promptly whenever I had doubts something related to my visa process.  

Once again thanks to Mrs.Angelina who was co-operative and friendly with me during my IELTSclass.Further moreMrs. Nithya and Mrs.Benazier have replied and worked for me even in their holidays. Sometimes we communicated in the early morning to finish my work.Miss.Priya, MissTharani and Mr. Ramesh are good staffs and helping me at all time during IELTS class and visa process. 

Once again special and lovely thanks to all of you for done hard work with me on visa process. I cannot forget that each and every moment with you during my visa process. 

You all have given me a good co-operation and respect. I am very happy to have all of you in my life. And I truly appreciate all of you for your good service. In future I will suggest my family and friends to start their visa process to you only.. 

AK Consultants makes impossible things to possible…... 

Vetriselvan - EIT

Hi Team,

With help of my friend, I came to know about your consultants. Right from the beginning, I had a good supporting staff and well motivating speech. True to myself, I improved my communication level after connecting with AK Consultants. 

I really had good family and they support me in all aspects. I had a good and friendly relationship with your consultants. 

So, thank you for all your support and I will make use of this opportunity. 

Thank you. 


Yamini Karthikeyan - The University of Waikato

Hi Team,

I thank AKC for being instrumental in helping me decide about my studies abroad. The courses and countries, pros and cons were explained in detail which helped me decide the course and university. 

I wish to thank Mr.Aladi Arun for all his support and guidance especially during the last few days during the visa process. 

Special thanks to Ms. Nithya for being extremely helpful and available anytime I needed any inputs. 

Thank you. 

Yamini Karthikeyan

Clinton Calvin - AUT University

First of all I thank Mr. AladiArun, who helped me out as a family member in selecting my studies and accommodation in New Zealand, Auckland. While I was not able to get a good college for my studies, I approached many consultancies like IDP, Global opportunities, etc. All these consultancies made me feel more depressed, by not getting me into a good college in New Zealand. Finally, I came to know Mr. AladiArun by my family friend, he was the one who helped mein each an every step by getting me placed in a very good college (AUT- Auckland University Of Technology) and also he was the one who advised me to stay (AUT Accommodation). I thank the whole team of AK Consultants for helping me out in each an every step. The funniest part is that I wasn’t sure about selecting my course, so that’s when Mr. AladiArun helped me out as a friend to choose my subjects. He and Ms. Nithya helped me out each an every step, to finish my SOP and also my legals. I thank the whole team of AK Consultants for helping me out in career. Finally, with the help of this consultancy two of friends (R.S. Hari Haran & Siva) got placed in a very good college in Australia and New Zealand.


With Kind Regards
Clinton Calvin

Manibalan - Wintec - Waikato Institute of Technology

I am manibalan from Madurai and i have completed my BE"AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING". As i wished to do my higher studies in abroad came in contact with "AK Consultants".

Where Arun sir guided me to choose my course in "OPERATIONS AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT “and also helped in my visa processing work, where I  got my visa in three days and my application process was also easy which was guided by Arun sir ,nithya and benazir,where my part of work was very less. I was given good training for my ielts exam by priya and abinaya especially in speaking and now i am moving to New Zealand for my Graduate Diploma in operations and production management at WINTEC and without the help of AKC I would have not made this in such a short period . I thank them.

Saravana Kumar - WITT

I am saravanan from Tuticorin. I completed my BE in madurai velammal. I took the branch of civil engineering after completing I wished to continue my higher studies in abroad. I came to know about AK Consultancy through my family friend, then I came in contact with them and was given counseling regarding Institutions and Universities and the course offered by Arun sir and Nithya guided me through application process throughout in a very pleasing way. I was given good coaching to undertake my IELTS to get admission in the college I preferred.

Overall I was extremely please by the visa process even after several disputes. Now I am departing to New Zealand for pursuing Graduate Diploma in Highway Engineering in WITT, Hamilton campus. I have done all those in a very short span. I am pretty sure that this couldn’t have happened without the help of AKC

I also have to thank Abi for making me speak and Benazir for making arrangement for my departure and arrival efficiently. Thank you to the whole team of AKC for guiding me to the right path in my career

Vishnu Raj - AUT University

I take much joy in writing you this letter of appreciation. I have just completed my Pg.Diploma in Marketing and have moved to my Master’s program at AUT. At this stage I would like to acknowledge the effort put by your team and you in order to get me to this beautiful country. My experience with AK Consultants was extremely smooth. Despite issues of all sorts, you guided me throughout the way. I would also like to personally thank Benazir and Nithya for their hard work and extra effort in making things so much easier for me. And you sir, for keeping me same throughout the experience. Thank you for everything. I could not have asked for more! And to anyone who wants to go to NZ, I tell you this - "The grass is always greener on YOUR side when you’re in New Zealand"

Priyadharsini Periasamy

The relationship with AKC feels like a family and my well wisher, helped us (entire family) to move New Zealand in a short span. Really, Great support by AKC to gave free tips for Priyadharsini during her IELTS preparation and got the offer from AUT within a day. Along my experience as a project manager, I have been working with many business people more than a decade only few people and their team has made high impression and i am sure AKC is the top one in my list. Their strengths are revealing the exact facts on each case and fixing with right solution. It would be very rare to see a business team having high IQ staffs with great hospitality that AKC has afford.

And they have provided many contacts in NZ those are high profile people to support further for our residence and occupation. We are moving to NZ with fulfill hearts… thank you so much and wishing AKC to widen further their business to serve for many families and students those are anticipating a trustable consultant, i prefer AKC is 5 out of 5 stars.

Best regards
Periasamy Rajendran -PM (O&G)
Priyadharsini Periasamy- AUT student (m.s)
Taanvee Periasamy (nauty kid)

Aravindan Alaguraj

I take a great deal of pleasure in writing a feedback letter for AK Consultants. The first thing I’d like to say is, it takes tough situations and bad experiences to appreciate the best ones. After facing a difficult time processing my overseas study application with my former agent, I felt a bit worn-out. After that, I met Arun sir and I joined AKC. Ever since that, I felt and I knewI was in safer hands. The hospitality was very pleasant and really warm. He clearly explained to me the various destinations available for pursing higher studies from which I finally narrowed it down to New Zealand. The most important thing of all was that I was able to have all my doubts and uncertainties cleared regarding the different courses available in various institutes across New Zealand. I was very pleased with his untiring approach to clear my confusions about the different study options by his good explanations every now and then.

I managed to accumulatevaluable experiencesfrommany of theIELTS classeshe conducted even though I have always felt comfortable with using my English. I was able to improve my writing style and the writing manner from the tips and comments he gave me. The speaking sessions werefruitful and very effective. I loved all the classes.

The office staffsBenz (Benazir mam), Ramesh sir and others were very friendly and approachable. I was happily surprised to see there was a birthday cake ready for me during my birthday in the annanagar office. All of this put together made me feel like I was a part of one good family.

The only time when I felt a little frustrated was during the last phase of the process where I had to fill up the medical insurance forms on the last day and the question of visa dispatch wasunsure and lingering about but with your expertise, you managed to solve the problem and I got to New Zealand on time.

Overall, I was very delighted with your services and I believe I have found a friend in you. My parents feel the same. I never found a good time to thank you for all your help. I wish to continue to be in contact with you for my journey down the road and beyond. Thank you!

Avathar Vishnu

Dear ARUN sir I really got fed up when my UK visa got refused twice and also I decided that my dream of studying abroad would not happen. By the time I had a chance to meet you sir. To be true, even after meeting you I was not at all convinced that I can get my visa. But now my dream has come true because of you sir. From the start till the end of arranging the visa documents, you and your consultant’s people have helped me the best. I am still in "cloud 9" for getting my visa. It is true that without your help and support I would have not got my visa. It's all because of you sir. You also have helped me in getting my air tickets also too easily. Everything is like a magic till now. I am really too happy because of you sir. To be true I am not having any words to praise you because no one will tell that "you can call me any time if u have doubts regarding this and you are like my friend". You are really great sir. THANKS a ton for making my life even happier and THANK YOU for everything for what you have done to me sir. I will remember you throughout my life sir. Keep in touch always sir.

Saravana Kumar

Hi sir I am very happy and proud to write this feedback sir first of all. I never imagine to study in New Zealand but it happens because of your magic for that I would say you are a magician for students dreaming for higher studies. You shape me and mould me a lot. Before join in to our Ak family am in a big dilemma about choosing courses but you show me a pathway of success. Then I have to say thanks for all our Ak staffs especially benazir, nithya who did my documentation works in a perfect manner. Then you personally gave me many suggestions and encourage me lot sir. I don't know what I’m going to give u back for making this opportunity sir. Really thank you sir and a special thanks to all my friends in Ak consultant.

Anirudhan G S

Had a very good experience with your consultancy services. Right from the start like filling the application form till the last day of telling me the things to do, you helped me everything and made my process so easy. I had to only work on the documentation, everything else you took care. Even attended calls at odd times to clear our doubts.
The thing I like the most every single aspect however minute it was taken care. Don't know how other consultancy are in relationship with students but felt so happy when you spoke with me a couple of times even after coming to nz.


With lots of questions and doubts I started my enquiries about pursuing my higher education in NZ. By the time I approached AK consultants I was also having 3 years of work experience in IT and HR. So it was tough decision for me to arrive at a conclusion. But Aladi Arun clarified my doubts about the course and made my expectations clear. After a lot of choices I decided to go for a Post Graduate Diploma with the University of Waikato. 

Waikato Management School was appealing to me in so many ways; it is Triple Crown Accredited and No 1 business school in New Zealand. More than the accreditations and ranking, the quality of education was placed totally at a different level with excellent implications of real life professional scenarios. With ample choices to subjects and departments we were asked to choose 4 areas of specialization to complete the course. I made sure that I had a research paper in one of my courses.  It not only developed my research and development skills but also helped me to look at various problem solving methodologies in the E-business industry. 

I would happily recommend the course to anyone who always wanted to experience a real life issues and approach with the education system. The course also helped to develop a lot of contacts with people in the IT industry in NZ. And this helped me a lot during my job search process, when I started hunting for jobs I knew exactly what kind of market I had to target at. With my previous experience in India and my course with WMS I was able to secure an IT Recruitment Consultant role with RANN IT, Auckland. The course with the University of Waikato helped me understand the industry speculations and business scenarios in New Zealand which was a crucial factor that I could make use in my current role. 

Fathima Raseed

I am writing this feedback to tell you about my experience in AK consultants. First When I joined for the classes I was very nervous, but the environment in the classes and the members were very friendly, it encouraged me to be more outspoken and I also made new friends through the sessions. From how I was before I am sure that now I have a High level of confidence in speaking and I also believe that my general knowledge has grown. I never had an English class that was so enjoyable and fun until I came here, where I believe that we can correct our mistakes without being criticized. The days and time I had been in AK consultants has made my mind strong to face the world confidently and elegantly. I also cannot express my gratitude in words to sir for supporting and motivating me to reach New Zealand to pursue my dreams of becoming an animator. I am sure that without your guidance I would have been definitely lost. Spending time with AK consultants has not only made me strong in my communication aspects, but also in terms of Morals, to be a genuine and a kind person. With all your support, I am sure that I am in the right path of going to Pixar animation Studio. :D

Bala yogesh

I knew about the plethora of opportunities that existed in New Zealand, but as they say, "Plans fail for the lack of counsel, but with advisers, they succeed!”. I was introduced to AK Consultants through a friend of my dad, and ever since my first interaction, I knew that these folks are 'People on the Mission'. They helped me to pick the best institute that offered me to pursue the course of my choice in a swift possible time. With the twofold checking of documents that these folks at AKC have done, I never had issues with my VISA Approval which is a sweetest thing. As I type this mail from New Zealand, I'm pretty sure that without the help of AKC, I would have been 'Lost in the Sea'!

Mark Ignatius Dcouto

The sincerity and encouragement of AK Consultants means a lot to me, as they were always there for me whenever I had doubts to clarify or questions to ask . They were very easily accessible and responded to my queries without any loss of time. During my interactions, I found that they were so honest and helpful and believe in leaving no stone unturned in helping students like me.

R.Catherine Rebecca

I had done my computer science engineering and wanted to pursue higher education in New Zealand. I read about various consultancies, but my friend introduced me to AK Consultants . From my first meeting with them itself , I came to them as very knowledgeable and was convinced I came to the right place. At each stage right from course selection, arranging bank loans and visa process, I was cleared off all my doubts and was offered suitable suggestions. AK Consultants is ever ready to help us realize our aspirations and has a way of getting things done to perfection and takes a lot of care that students get admissions to proper institutions and visa is successfully obtained. They are very particular their students come under the positive profile A category. No wonder their success in obtaining visa for a very strict New Zealand immigration is almost 100 percent. I got my visa within 7 days.
I am very much indebted to AK Consultants for thir guidance, words of counsel and interest in my welfare. I also thank them for their invitation to contact them , any time for assistance while overseas.

E.S.Antony Joseph,Chennai. F/O, A. Ajay Joseph

As a parent I was very anxious and disturbed them often, but they were very patient in explaining every detail. I still continue to disturb them till my son Ajay finishes his studies, because we have no one else to help us expect AK Consultants . Our family is in debited to A.K.Consultants. May the good work they do for the cause of education, continue and we pray to God to shower his choicest blessings.

Pravenna Padmanaban

Studying abroad seemed to me a very intimidating proposition, but after meeting you, I was relieved to find out that it was not complicated as it seemed, for AK Consultants made all the intricacies overseas clear and simple and their sincere guidance was a boon to me.
It evoked immense interest in me at a time when I was resigned to my fate. The words ‘Work permit for spouse’ made me sit up and do a lot of serious thinking. It was that phone call which I made first to AK Consultants and their encouraging words which propelled me to approach them . Though I had visited several consultants’ agencies, AK Consultants turned out to be unparallel for its genuineness and integrity and has become the much sought after place for overseas study consultation and visa processing.

Sathish Kumara Guru

The phrases you have at your table ‘I want to grow, I will grow, I must grow ‘believe it or not, instilled in me the invigorating mindset to look forward optimistically. I learnt a lot from you and benefited greatly from your service.


First of all I wish to thank AK Consultants for their co-operation in my all efforts. Their creativity, imagination and innovative ideas helped me . Right from the beginning my IELTS class up to air ticket booking, throughout my process of leaving for New Zealand, their wonderful guidance is awesome !

Ganesan Ponneelan

I am very much thankful to AK Consultants, for their great help and guidance in getting me admission and visa for New Zealand. I was given good advice and I obtained information about the universities in New Zealand which provide world-class education and peaceful ambience for international students.

Karthick Raja Gopal

I am very excited to see my IELTS score with a band of 6.5. I really thank AK Consultants for the best coaching, dedicated teaching, flexible class timing and all about the friendly fixture with students. So with my experience with them, I could say that students of A.K.Consultants are the best upcoming graded students in Madurai city.

Raja Gopalan

I came to meet you with lot of confusions in mind about choosing a good university, how to apply and lots like this. The very first meet with you was soothing and took off all my echoes. I had my instant saying that “I have found the right people ’.

Ahmed Meeran Sahib

Without your guidance I probably would not have achieved 6 band score and only because of your efforts I got admissions to study at New Zealand Management Academies. I have never seen a person so kind, courteous and lovable . You are one such person who really understands student’s wants . You guided me in the right path and under your guidance I submitted my visa and got it within 10 days.

Prabu Ramasamy

According to my experience with the A.K.Consultants the positive things are:
Very fast in getting admission
(Which is I never seen before, because I have experienced with other consultants.)
Not money minded
(A.K.Consultants not trying to get any money from the students)
A.K.Consultants are excellent and genuine consultants. I can suggest any one to A.K.Consultants and I can bet A.K.Consultants to any other consultants in India.


In my case, I’m still wondering how it worked out to obtain the offer of place, bank loan and visa within one month. It’s all because of AK Consultants . I have put 100% effort on this process but their 101% care and efficiency is associated with this success.

M.Velram Balaji

To be honest I was an average person until I steped into AK consultants. I was really trained a lot and I can feel my brilliance having been improved drastically. I have observed thier problem solving skills in many others cases and it is highly enthusiastic. I must highlight their enduring nature and I think it is the best part of them. These all imbibed me a good discipline.

Narayanan P

I am proud to be your student; my life style has changed after joining your institution. Today I am leaving to New Zealand to do my studies. It’s only your kind effort to make me a successful person in this process. All credits go only to you only sir. I will be grateful to such a kind hearted person.

Praveen Singh

Students who are willing to study abroad will have a good future in A.K.Consultants. I thank him for all the efforts and hard work he took to send me to AUT (Auckland University of Technology) Auckland, New Zealand.


I did my IELTS coaching in A.K.Consultant. it was very supportive and encouragement for my higher education. As a result of it. I got admission in Middlesex university in UK. I thank them as they had helped me a lot for this great opportunity.

Gokul Vignesh

I would love to cherish this ecstatic moment for quite a long time. A.K.Consultants have shown their excellence and are the real career setters who make every twisted thread into a finished pattern. They have been helpful right from logging onto IELTS, to boarding your flight. I’ve never seen such a consultant in Madurai or elsewhere, whose polite form of response inspired me a lot.

M.Bala Chandran

I have got the student visa to UK to do my MBA in convertry university. Before applying for a student visa, I had so many confusions. I contacted AK Consultants and was given the guidance immediately which enabled me to get my UK study visa quickly.

Zulfikar Ali

The way of your processing for my visa was good and effective. Even though I have many problems in my profile, you helped me to overcome it. I am proud to say that I am a student of A.K.Consultants. You helped me top to bottom regarding my visa. All credits goes to you sir.


When I was trying to fulfill my ambition my friend suggest me to consult you. You are the person who made an easiest way and guide me to study in UK. Students who are willing to study in overseas will have a good opportunity (i.e.) is A.K.Consultants, especially students for Tamilnadu. I’m very thankful to them.

Muthu Saravanan

I like to say something to the pupils who are coming to A.K.Consultants for enquiries regarding to overseas studies. You pupil can trust them as they can help you to shape your career. And make use of it and develop your career. And have a good life. I have no words to explain about excellent work. Their service in Madurai is a miracle thing to all students.

AC Vignesh

When I first visited AK Consultants for the July 2010 intake for NZ , we barely had 2 months in hand for the processing. It would have seemed impractical for any other person to have taken up the processing further at that time. But they took it as a challenge and have eventually made it a success.
Their availability even on holidays, down-to-earth attitude and flexibility to help students made this impossible task achievable. Right from the processing of loan at the bank, to the booking of the air tickets, they guided me through every intricate step and saved me from drowning. Especially their guidance during the filing for visa and the Statement of Purpose was incredible, which could be a lot tricky for most of the students.
The processing, though there was various hard hurdles to be jumped over, is surely something very much memorable and to be cherished forever. I am much sure that my case should be some kind of record for your consultancy, as the shortest processed case ever in the history of AK Consultancy. I finally like to thank them for all the hardships and innumerous hours of their holidays that they have invested in me to make this happen.