Venkatesh -EIT

Dear Team,
A huge salute to AK Consultants…….. 
I am so thankful to AKConsultants for taken me as one of your family member. Your so helpful from the beginning to until I get flight to NZ. Special thanks to Mr. Arun Aladi, you are always inspiring me and I liked the way you scolded me whenever I did mistakes as my brother. I feel that Mr.Arun Aladi has taken extra care on me everytime even in holidays on my visa process.In fact AK Consultants has fixed working hours and days, but it worked for me 24 hours and even in holidays every staffs replied promptly whenever I had doubts something related to my visa process.  

Once again thanks to Mrs.Angelina who was co-operative and friendly with me during my IELTSclass.Further moreMrs. Nithya and Mrs.Benazier have replied and worked for me even in their holidays. Sometimes we communicated in the early morning to finish my work.Miss.Priya, MissTharani and Mr. Ramesh are good staffs and helping me at all time during IELTS class and visa process. 

Once again special and lovely thanks to all of you for done hard work with me on visa process. I cannot forget that each and every moment with you during my visa process. 

You all have given me a good co-operation and respect. I am very happy to have all of you in my life. And I truly appreciate all of you for your good service. In future I will suggest my family and friends to start their visa process to you only.. 

AK Consultants makes impossible things to possible…...