S.Raj Prahladhan - Eastern Institute of Technology

Dear Arun Sir and Team,

Ah finally I am here! When I visited AK office during my Visa filing and spotted the feedbacks from the students whose career was already designed by AK, I then started creating my own feedback for you people and waiting for a long time to provide one. To start with, the journey with you people was very exemplary and pleasant in all means of service and that extra care. I came to AK in mid of May with a blank mind and Arun sir filled me quickly with which suits me the best in New Zealand. So on the same day I submitted my documents to him and from the third day from then, I got a seat in Eastern Institute of Technology, Napier for July intake for the course Grad Diploma in Business- Level 7 ( Supply chain and Logistics). It was like a blitzkrieg to me. So quick.Arun sir guided me throughout as to how to apply loan, when to go for PCC and MCC. Total timeline was prepped and given by him.Now coming to Tharani's and Benazir's assistance. They were in touch with me throughout. I called them like many times a day. But every time they attend the call, they were sweet and they were patient in answering all my queries. And of course, they were quick as a lightning. So these things helped me and boosted me that I could still get to my destination on time. Tharani helped me a lot in documenting all the documents. She was swift and careful. Arun sir also pithced in to check if everything is okay and he shaped my SOP in a right away.And Ramesh sir, He was the one who sent my documents in courier to Visa office at Chennai. Thanks to you sir.Finally with the help of the team, I filed for my visa on 3rd of July. I was advised that I will get a call from Abinaya for mock interviews to prepare me for Visa interview call. She was so kind in training me on my convenient time and she was thinking one step ahead for me and prepped me very well for my interview and also she as well concerned about my whereabouts in Visa progress and been there in touch with me still it got approved. Arun sir went beyond a step and sent prioritization mails on my visa application to the Immigration New Zealand. He and Benazir were right on track in Visa application progress than me. Benazir madam was too into it and she was calling me like every 3 minutes on my travelling day when I faced some minor issues with my bank and she ensured I get my e-visa done before my departure. I know she didn't even get up from her seat for a long time on that day. Why I am saying all these above points is, I doubt any other consultancy would have this charisma in working quickly and carefully. And mainly, they helped me to get my e-visa on time by sending mails to prioritize my application and all. They were so happy for me than me and my parents.

They were so confident and they never gave up on me at any cause. And they cared whether I boarded my flight on time, Reachedmy destination on time, Am I comfortable with my accommodation and college and everything here. Arun sir was always concerned about my whereabouts. For example, he even talked with my bank manger when I had delay issues. As my send off gift, Arun sir gifted me with Shiva guda sir contact here at EIT. That's very kind of you. So totally, I had a fantastic roller coaster ride with AK team. They were more happy than me in designing my career. A trillion of Thanks to them. I would highly recommend AK consultants to my known circle if someone wants to do studies overseas. It's my pleasure to provide this feedback for which I was waiting a long time.

THANKS a trillion to all people in AK team.

Best Regards,
S. Raj Prahladhan.